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About This Site

This search engine is a Google Customized Search Engine.

It gives preference to technical sites, resulting in more specific search results for engineers like us - in the trenches. Right now, the main contributors to this site are members of HP's compiler teams, along with several other people from all over the world. Details can be found here.

After performing a search, we offer these refinements:

Papers: Emphasis on sites like IEEE, ACM, citeseer, etc.
Commercial: Emphasis on Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Intel, HP, and lots of smaller players
News-Groups: Emphasis on comp.compilers, comp.lang.*
Researcher's Home: We added hundreds of researcher's home pages. These guys mainly specialize in languages, compilers, correctness and analysis tools.

This WEB page is maintained by Robert Hundt (short bio).
Reach him via email at first name, dot, second name,